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What is Pit Putty?

Pit Putty the natural vegan deodorant, that really works! This means we only use natural ingredients including nut oils, plant butters and essential oils.

How do you use Pit Putty?

Simply scoop a bean sized amount of Pit Putty and melt it between your fingers. Massage gently into your fresh pits for all day freshness! You can adjust the amount used as required.

Can you use Pit Putty during pregnancy?

The ingredients and quantity used in Pit Putty have been chosen with safety for expectant Mums to-be in mind. Some health professionals recommend avoiding all essential oils during the first trimester of pregnancy, which should be something to discuss further with your doctor.

Cinnamon Cedarwood is the one scent we would recommend avoiding during pregnancy. Although very limited research is available, we always prefer to err on the side of caution with such important decisions.

Can Pit Putty be used whilst breastfeeding?

Yes, all the Pit Putty scents can be used during breastfeeding.

Do you make natural deodorants without baking soda?

Sodium bicarbonate is the active ingredient used in Pit Putty to create the super-effective product we have available now. Currently we do not have a bicarb-free version, but this is something we will revisit in the future if our customers want us to.

I’m struggling to use Pit Putty with long nails, what can you suggest?

If you’re finding it hard to scoop Pit Putty out of the tin using your fingers or nails, we’ve been offered many a solution by fellow Pit Puttyer’s. Alternatives include using a small teaspoon, an ice lolly stick or even guitar pic can work very well!

We are in the process of looking into a suitable alternative so please stay tuned.